About me huh? Have to think about this one. Probably forever as who can ever say what they are truly all about? If I had to say one thing it would be that I love this glorious planet and being part of this great mystery of life. (Okay, that’s two things. But digressing is fun, too.)

In the meantime here’s a synopsis of the categories I’ve come up with so far that live at the top of the blog. Some cross referencing may occur.

• Speak the Truth and Run Away – passionate rants, polarized politics, soapbox pleas, righteous indignations and generally opinionated stuff that sometimes gets me in trouble with the status quo. (Cool!)

• The Art of Living – Living better lives; gleanings from the school of experience; the garden, kitchen, ecology, and health. My alter egos, Miss Manners and Lucy the 5-cent psychiatrist may lurk in here, too.

• Travel Tips – research I’ve done for myself and others; stories from when my world was bigger; and feel free to ask me a question and I’ll try to answer it.

• Bon Mots – “Good words”. Things that amaze me; quotes; words I’ve made up, etc.

• Memoir – sez it all.

Read the post “Here I Am on Planet Scleroderma” if you want to know more about one phase of my life. It kinda explains where my life has been channeled. Until it got difficult, I did a lot of traveling, starting with going to England at age 2 and a half with my British-born mom. (She never could get me to say Mum!) I decided at age 12 that to see the world was my primary goal. I figured I was here wasn’t I, so take advantage of it girl! Was that how I eventually contracted Scleroderma? There was that time I foolishly ate berries in Sweden a few months after the Chernobyl meltdown, but I doubt it, and if travel was the culprit, I think I still would do it all over again because the amount of experiences and memories packed into those years are more than most long-lived people ever get. Even if I die young, I know I’ve LIVED.

So what else? College, film industry work, Scleroderma, layout and fundraising for a couple of non-profit women’s journals, and now pottering around the house in northern California doing light cooking and gardening, and letting the cats love me. I have some terrific friends and family, go for drives occasionally in my stunningly beautiful area, do research, facebook, scrabble and now a bit of the old blog online, read mostly historical fiction, and watch mostly select TV like PBS, documentaries and for some reason, detective shows and Linds makes me watch Ancient Aliens (well, we all have to have some circus sideshow to watch I guess!) Living with someone is nice because they get you to watch TV shows you might not on your own. Rock concerts for one. I like them but had gotten out of the habit on my own. Maybe it was due to the over 100 live performances I’ve been to over my younger years!

So, the usual type of thing I guess. I like to have  projects to keep me focused and depression-free, the latest is learning how to make Pear Cider, or Perry, from the fruit tree in my backyard. I’ll need help with the heavy stuff, but my roomie and friends don’t mind being conscripted. Everyone is so helpful to the handicapped I’ve found. I get tired and have to rest, but that’s what TV and books are for. And glorious memories of days gone by, some of which I am fully recalling for this blog slowly but surely.

Thanks for visiting. Y’all come back now, ya hear?